What’s your GSS personality: Ms YOLO

It’s the middle of the year and that can only mean one thing: the legendary Great Singapore Sale

SINCE WE know that not everyone shops the same way, we have customised a list for four different personalities to help you navigate the sale-scape. See which one fits you best — and get shopping!


You sure know how to live up the one life you have – you’re an advocate of the finer things in life.

Homegrown furniture label Commune Life is known for designing streamlined, ultra chic storage solutions using walnut and powder-coated mild steel.

Linear 6-drawer dresser, $1,119.30, Commune Life

Perk up undernourished skin with this dynamic duo of the Chrome Clay Mask and The Skin Rejuvenator developed by Japanese skincare experts MTG and Madonna (that’s right, the Queen of Pop).

Rejuvenator set, $940, MDNA Skin, Takashimaya Level 1

Rest up for your shop-a-thon with a mattress from the Sealy Posturepedic Enhance Collection. The collection’s mattresses have a unique SRx support system designed to respond to your body’s weight and motion with initial conforming support and also a firmer deep-down support your body needs.

Enhance mattress collection, $3,799-$8,299, Sealy Sleep Palace, all Sealy Sleep Boutiques, major departmental stores

In the words of Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This contemporary piece would fit your entryway perfectly so you can admire your person and the mirror itself.

Clarendon large wall mirror, $549, Crate & Barrel, Ion Orchard

Nothing says indulgent like having a signature scent for your home. Take a whiff of Maison Christian Dior’s scent-sational collection and pick a fragrance, soap or candle to suit your mood and personality.

Home fragrance collection, from $140 to $635, Maison Christian Dior

To maintain your extravagant lifestyle, you’ll want an accessory that can take you from afternoon activity to evening events. The Dahra Knotted is a versatile satchel with an elegant marble turn-knob and detachable straps that turns it from shoulder bag to clutch in seconds.

Dahra Knotted, $580, Rabeanco

The truly adventurous know that red never goes out of style. Le Creuset’s iconic French oven is an entertaining must-have and what better way to make an impression than with this dining staple in cherry red?

Le Creuset 24cm round French oven, $354.40, TANGS VivoCity


From its extravagant bottle to its elegant scent, Gucci Bamboo is as luxe as it comes. A whiff of this scent-sational potion opens with sensual bergamot at the top that warms into heart notes of Casablanca lily and ylang ylang, before settling into a mysterious sandalwood at the base.
Gucci Bamboo EDP set, $216, Metro

Understated and timeless, the MODE Gold 916 Titanium collection with seamless lines is a worthy investment for jewellery to last the seasons and even a lifetime.
MODE Gold 916 Titanium bracelet and necklace, from $1,148, Goldheart Jewelry

Ever heard of the term “so chic, it hurts”? Your friends will probably make that remark the next time they’re over at your place and sink into the plush, rich leather sofa you just got to match your equally pristine home.
Premium Full Leather Thick Sofa, $1,899, Lorenzo

Lorenzo premium ful leather sofa


你是品味高级的YOLO族,“你只活一次”(You only live once)是你的座右铭,坚信人生应该及时行乐。让我们看看那些商品最适合你:

即然只能玩转人间一回,当然得好好呵护肌肤。由日本皮肤专家MTG和西洋歌坛大姐大麦当娜调制的泥状面膜Chrome Clay Mask和洁肤器材The Skin Rejuvenator合而为一的护肤配套,有助深层洁肤、打造亮丽肌肤。

护肤配套(Rejuvenator Set),$940,MDNA Skin,高岛屋(Takashimaya)一楼

YOLO一族最注重生活素质,当然少不了品质极佳的时尚配件。你需要一个多用途包包,不管上班或下班后出席活动都能携带。皮革包包品牌Rabeanco的Dahra Knotted小提包是个好选择;其扭转锁锁扣是以大理石制造,尽显高贵大方。小提包也附上可拆的背带,能瞬间变成肩袋。

Dahra Knotted小提包,$580,Rabeanco专卖店

入得了厨房、出得了厅堂,是许多女人的梦想,选用厨具时也要下一番心思。拥有法国厨具品牌Le Creuset的锅具,不仅能助你烧得一手好菜,还能创造出有质感的厨房空间。

Le Creuset直径24公分圆铁锅,$354.40,怡丰城