Mr Man on a mission

You know what looks good on you and you know what works best. Zeroing in on your shopping list is like a mission, which you performed with military precision because you dislike jostling with the crowds.

Time for your long-awaited annual wardrobe refresh? Give your shirt closet a bit of spunk with these revamped versions of the quintessential Fred Perry tartan shirt that are classic enough to take you through the year.

Tonal Tartan Shirts, $209, Fred Perry

Thank goodness brands like Bodum prove that hosting dinners at home doesn’t have to look like a Stepford wives’ affair. Whether you’re testing out your latest iced tea infusions or have a long cocktail to serve, this functional jug is nifty to have around.

Ceylon Ice Tea Jug with Filter by Bodum, $94, Metro

From MacRitchie to Mount Agung, a pair of comfortable yet durable pair of trekking sandals are great for treading tough terrains. This iconic pair has been updated with softer padding on the straps and a modern sole for even better traction.

Teva Hurricane XLT2 Cross Strap, $129, World of Sports

If you’re truly a man of the stylish hour, you’d know that not all suits are created equal. Channel your inner dapper at the next meeting or formal occasion with a sharp, well-cut suit with a cleaner, more modern silhouette for an updated fit — at half the regular price.

Suit trousers from $89.50 and blazers from $199, Benjamin Barker

You’re not exactly someone who heeds convention, proving that men can make jewellery look good too. A sleek bracelet can add pizzazz to any outfit and speaks confidence from someone who knows what he wants.

Shimmering Beige Mokuba Bracelet, $239, Thomas Sabo

You’ve just got an apartment and are stumped on what furniture best fits the pad. Lorenzo has a sweet deal where you’ll score special prices on TV sideboards, coffee tables or corner tables with any three-seater sofa. Now how’s that for kill three birds with one stone?

Three-seater sofa, from $999, Lorenzo


Seldom have household appliances worked this well — or looked this good. The cordless vacuum cleaner features not just strong suction power of up to 150W, but also ease of use with its ergonomic patented Flex Handle that’s so comfortable, it minimises strain on your wrists and back.

Samsung POWERstick Pro, $899, authorised retailers

If the pad’s too small to accommodate a three-seater sofa, this handsome one-seater arm chair is the hot seat you need. Because who doesn’t want to feel like a king on a throne in his own home?

Celine 1-seater arm chair, $999, Commune Life

123 Tribeca is a scent by homegrown perfumer SIX by Jason Lee, featuring a mesmerising mix of woody, spicy and bright citrus that’s inspired by the energy of New York City.

123 Tribeca by SIX, $66, authorised retailers

Samsung POWERstick Pro, $899, authorised retailers
Celine 1-seater arm chair, $999, Commune Life

Jerome Awasthi, fashion stylist

“During GSS, I stock up on a lot of basics, such as the round-neck T-shirts that I wear often, underwear, denim jeans and good pants. For other working adults, white shirts are a good thing to stock up on. Classics look best when they’re brand new, after a while they may lose their sheen. Stock up on basics for special occasions to look effortlessly chic. Also, look for statement pieces that you don’t want to pay full price for.

I love the GSS because it never fails to surprise me.”



衣橱常年大翻新的时候终于到了?让这些新款的Fred Perry苏格兰格子恤衫给衣橱添新意。它们够经典,可以穿上一整年。

Tonal苏格兰格子恤衫,$209,Fred Perry

幸好有Bodum 这些品牌证明在家设晚宴不必像《超完美娇妻》(The Stepford Wives)的场景。无论你要试泡最新的冷花茶,或要准备各种鸡尾酒,这个实用型茶壶都派得上用场。
Bodum Ceylon冰茶壶(附过滤装置),$94,美罗


Samsung POWERstick Pro直立式无线吸尘机,$899,授权零售商


Celine单人沙发,$999,Commune Life

123 Tribeca是李浩勋的本土香水品牌SIX的其中一款,有木香、橘香等味道,灵感来自纽约市的活力。

123 Tribeca by SIX,$66,授权零售商