Cutting the cord

Sleek and powerful, Samsung’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner helps you get the chores done with less effort


If there is one household device that you should splurge on during this Great Singapore Sale, it is Samsung’s new cordless vacuum cleaner, the POWERstick PRO™.

Fiddling with wires and out-of-the-way wall sockets will be a thing of the past, as will battery issues that made cordless models less appealing — they either had limited suction power or a low running time. With the POWERstick PRO™, you can enjoy powerful cleaning untethered for 40 minutes on a single charge.

Worried about running out of battery midclean? Simply purchase an additional battery pack and easily swap out the spent battery in the POWERstick PRO™ with a fresh one to extend total cleaning time to 80 minutes. Batteries are designed to retain 80 per cent of their original capacity for up to 500 full charges.

The POWERstick PRO™ does not skimp on suction power either. Running at 150 watts, it is one of the most powerful cordless vacuum sticks in the market.


The POWERstick PRO™ is outfitted with a rotating brush with bristles that drive deep into the carpet or other surfaces to suck up hair strands and dust. The ergonomically designed Flex Handle folds up to 50 degrees, enabling you to access hard-to-reach spots easily.

It also comes with four additional tools to help you clean difficult areas. For example, a mini motorised tool picks up dust and allergens on bed sheets, mattresses and fabric furniture, while the extension crevice tool can remove dirt from deep crevices of sofas.


To get rid of the accumulated dust from the POWERstick PRO™, just remove the EZClean dustbin and dispose of its contents by pulling a lever. An EZClean detachable brush can be used to dislodge any remnants of dust. After that, both the EZClean dustbin and brush can be easily washed.

In addition to the POWERstick PRO™’s powerful HEPA filtration system that traps up to 99.9 per cent of the dust inside the canister, independent institutes have certified its ability to prevent fine dust, household mites and mould spores from escaping during cleaning.

All these hassle-free features aim to make your home spotlessly clean with less effort — just what you wanted. Get it at a special launch price of $888.

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